Jose DiazExecutive Director

Jose graduated from West Roxbury High School where he played on the varsity baseball team for four years. He attended North Florida Community College. He played two years in Florida before transferring to the NAIA power house Cumberland University in Tennessee where he played in the NAIA World Series. His final year of college, he transferred to his alma mater, Fisher College.
Jose currently works at Fisher College as the Associate Director of Admissions for Diversity Recruitment.

Jose began his career at Fisher as the head assistant coach for baseball before becoming the liaison between the athletic department and admissions office. He was then promoted to Assistant Director of Admissions for Diversity Recruitment, recruiting and working with schools and students from the Boston and metro Boston area. He worked his way up to Associate Director of Admissions for Diversity Recruitment, which he now help students and schools from Puerto Rico, Boston and Metro Boston.
Outside of work, Jose devotes his time to his family and to bettering the athletic community of Boston. Jose organized the first annual Scout Day for Boston in 2012, bringing professional and collegiate scouts into local high schools. In 2014, Jose organized the first fall league for the city of Boston. Jose partnered with South End Little League in 2015 to run a summer program aimed at transitioning twelve year old players from a little league field into a varsity field.

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